About My Website

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Interested in the fashion world? Then you've come to the right place. I'm Mariah, a young fashion designer that's trying to make it in the world against some of the biggest fashion tycoons imagineable. While I may not be as popular as Gucci, I like to think I can make economical outfits and suit the styles of a wide selection of people without breaking the bank. This website is dedicated to my fashion inspired clothing and will feature links to Instagram, Pinterest and Wordpress of my designs and where you can buy them. Sit back and browse through my collections of hand made clothing that I'm sure you'll like.

My Designs

My first love was art, when I was just 14 I started making initial concepts of clothing and designs. When I turned 16 I had my first sewing machine and before you know it, I was starting my journey to becoming a real designer. Fast forward to today and I'm experimenting in modern fashion design where I like to create and make custom clothing for a wide range of people. Stay tuned for more!

My Friends

Interested in seeing what inspires me? Check out some of my friends: Gabriel Marsh, Logan Warner, Roy Keller, Ava Bryan.